Izm/Han Sunghyun is a well-reputed music critic in Korea for his controversial takes

"NMIXX is a group that's a living proof that a singer's popularity and the quality of their music can be inconsistent. The group's name is known and each member is well-recognized, but their songs are volatile. They're not memorable or hummable. It's a kind of litmus test to see how people react to their musical experiments, which are often mired in the neologisms of MIXPOP.

'Roller coaster' is a bit of a departure from the pretense of MIXPOP, but the poor melody is still there. To hide this, the rhythm is emphasized and filled with multiple sounds, and the members overlap their vocals with six identical voices to cover the gaps. It's cluttered and tiring. Excellent sound mixing, refined rhythms, and listenable hooks are also uncomfortable to listen to if not polished. The public is the majority of people, and popular music is aimed at that unspecified majority. Popular music should be accessible."

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1. Uhm... Why's he so harsh? I liked Roller Coaster better than Party and thought that it was a more public friendly song though

2. But this song is more addictive than Party O'clock so hoho....

3. Roller Coaster is good though...

4. He's saying that all 6 members of NMIXX have similar voice colors...? I think that they are a girl group that I can easily differentiate who's singing what though

5. What the? The only part I agree with is that all members are well-recognized

6. He's really saying that the 6 members have the same voice color??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Roller Coaster is good though. To be honest, he's downplaying it way too much

8. But Roller Coaster was good...

9. First of all, I feel like that 2 members of NMIXX have voice colors that are tiring and the other members just don't have anything unique... it's not like they can't sing but they don't have any charm whatsoever. And their songs don't sound like MIXPOP anymore.. Roller Coaster is a good song but it doesn't sounds like NMIXX

10. I think that this is the harshest review I've seen so far

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