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1. Wow he looks like someone who lives there

2. Wow... This is insane.. His face shocked me... I was eating my chocolate bar and scrolling down... His jaw line is solid 

3. Is that coffee or beer? I thought that this baby couldn't drink coffee?ㅋㅋ

4. No but it isn't easy for Asian to pull off that hair color.. But he pulled it off

5. He's dope and cool 

6. The moment he goes overseas, he get even cooler

7. His neat fingers holding the glass with his gaze staring at it, his neck, his slender nose and his honey-like skin ㅠㅠ Everything about him is so cool 

8. But he's so handsome, seriously he looks like a Parisian actor

9. His aura is awesome, this looks like an ad or a photoshoot

10. Crazy, I need more pictures

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