"This is our final album"

Q: When did you realize that this was your last album when recording it?

(T/N: the whole post are just screenshots so only the text will be translated)
"We didn't know back then
- When we recorded 'Missing You', we thought "oh? Is this our final song?"
- The reason why we thought that was our last song was because
- We released 'Falling in Love' and 'Do You Love Me' as singles first
- And the company said "Ah.. 2NE1 has failed now"
- The reason why is because we ranked 10th? We were a team that would always rank #1
- But since we ranked 10th, we were sad, the fans were sad and the company also said that the song failed so let's scrap (the group)
- I didn't know if they were joking or they said it to express disappointment
- But after they said that, we were supposed to go and record 'Missing You'
- The last lyrics were "Even after a long time passes, let’s both remember 
That we both had each other back then 
That we both had each other back then"
- Those were lyrics that express separation right?
- So after we were done recording that, I and Bom cried our eyes out in the recording studio
- But then suddenly, we hit #1 with that song
- So we thought "Ah so it wasn't the end"
- We were happy again but it unexpectedly became our last album"

Sandara Park looks like such a bright and positive person who has many friends but it seems like she was still having a difficult time after 2NE1 disbanded as she mentioned that she got insomnia and social phobia afterwards ㅠㅠ

I'm so happy to see Sandara returning as a singer after such a long time
The song is bright and refreshing and the MV was so fun tooㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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1. Woah YG is such an onion

2. 2NE1 has never released a song that failed. This is still such a regrettable situation

3. YG is a f*cking b*tch

4. I seriously couldn't understand why they disbanded

5. I seriously liked 2NE1 so much but I hate YG and Yang Hyunsuk

6. Gong Minzy left and Park Bom did drugs so the disbandment was obviously the next step

7. I've been listening to so many songs by 2NE1 nowadays. Seriously, this f*cking pisses me off...

8. Even if it's a joke, saying that they failed is just... so hurtful. Also, they consider ranking #10 a fail? Sigh...

9. Calling a song that ranked #10 a fail wow f*ck... their audacity is legendary

10. Ha.... I'm seriously furious

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