YG Entertainment's Blackpink Lisa's contract renewal issue has raised the risk of investment in entertainment stocks. In the midst of this, NCT, which debuted in 2016, the same year as Blackpink, is also facing the seventh year of its contract, which is the usual contract period. However, it was confirmed that NCT's contract will not expire this year due to their overseas activities.

On the 17th, an S.M. representative said, "NCT had a longer contract period than usual, considering their military enlistment and overseas activities at the time of signing," adding, "There are differences between each member, but none of the members will expire this year. All of them will expire after next year."

Initially, there were concerns in the entertainment industry related to the contract expiration of the NCT members which could hit SM's stock price.

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1. So they're telling me that NCT is also under a 7 years + 3 years contract?

2. What's up with dragging BP into this? Is the journalist crazy?

3. What's with that title?

4. Why are trash journalists bringing up BP??? The title is making me barf

5. A 7+3 years contract + military extension means that they are tied up to the company for 12 years. That's severe

6. So 10 years? Crazy

7. Ah so SM signs 10 years contracts???

8. Seems like SM's standard contracts are 10 year contracts. That's so long compared to other companies

9. They are proud to say that they have contracts that are over 7 years

10. They are really holding unto them for a long time 

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