Fifty Fifty
Gangnam apartment rent was 3.3 million won (3.3K USD) for a 3 bedroom accommodation + 2 washrooms

Two bunk beds are placed in one narrow room in an old narrow apartment, it was so small, there was nowhere to move.

Eight people in one room sleeping on futons, mold on the walls

Accommodation is underground
Substitute curtains with silver foil

Even the hottest group NewJeans nowadays is sharing 2 bedrooms

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1. They're so greedy ㅡㅡ

2. Sigh seriously... Even before revealing BlackPink to the public, they said that they were living in a dorm with bugs inside 

3. They're not only rookies but also from a small agency, they were so lucky to meet such a good CEO... Aigo

4. Our kids had 2 bedroom and only 1 washroom. They stuck 2 bunk beds in one room and 6 of them all slept next to each other. The other bedroom was turned into a closet with the managers sleeping there. They didn't have a place to eat so they would eat on the bed... And this was how they spent their debut days... They sh*t on the hand that fed them

5. FIFTY FIFTY thinks that because they succeeded, this is the kind of treatment they deserve, so they take it as a given. They have no gratefulness in their hearts at all 

6. Even big agencies don't go this far... They treat them so well that they're taken for granted

7. Even the people who were shielding them all left by now 

8. I was shocked seeing Secret's dorm back then, this is still shocking today..

9. They have not a single once of self-awareness

10. Sh*tting on the hand that feeds you 

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