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1. Minji matches Chanel so well

2. Minji-yah.... you're seriously so pretty and handsome... I feel like she's good at sports

3. Crazy, too pretty!!!

4. Wow yah, f*cking pretty

5. I feel like she suits modern and classic concepts way better than NewJeans' current concept... She also looked good in her black outfit in Cookie. NewJeans is kitsch and all glittery right now but I don't think that it's Minji's best styling so it's a bit of a shameㅠㅠㅠ I wanna see her do this kind of concept too

6. Too pretty but as expected, her face looks too young so it makes me wonder if this is really the direction that Chanel wants to go for..

7. All her expressions look the same but her eyes, nose and head shape are all perfect. I'm shocked...

8. She both looks like a traditional beauty and a trendy beauty

9. She's the prettiest in the world

10. All her previous photoshoots looked weird but this one is very pretty

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