[enter-talk] AN BOHYUN IS PITIFULㅜㅜㅜ

 He got so much hate after getting exposed for dating Jisoo

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1. [+260, -11]
He still won't lose his title of PPKKa-man... (T/N: YouTuber who shame women for being feminists and who pushed another feminist YouTuber to su*c*de)

2. [+147, -7]
An Bohyun has such an ambiguous image, that's why. If she she dated actors who were known for their handsome looks like Song Kang, Cha Eunwoo, Park Bogum or An Hyoseob, or dated actors who were known for their acting like Choi Woosik, Kang Haneul and Im Siwan, they wouldn't get hate at all. I'm not sure what would've happened if she dated someone handsome or talented in acting but An Bohyun's position right now is too ambiguous. BP are in the A-tier when it comes to female idols and if we're talking about someone like Jisoo, there's not one Korea who doesn't know her. From the public's perspective, they will obviously think "who's this guy?". And he even has controversies on top of it..

3. [+131, -17]
I honestly don't know what charms An Bohyun has... he also has that criminal-look so I don't like him

4. [+131, -12]
It's because Jisoo has had such a good image up until now... the gap is just too severe

5. [+116, -3]
He got 2 million followers after his relationship news with Jisoo

6. [+68, -3]
An Bohyun just gives such a bad impression. I've never thought of him as "handsome" not even once. I found it fascinating that so many kids found him handsome. He looks like someone who would have a lot of complaints. I feel like he only got in the industry because of his height

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