Seems like it can't be helped with the army, even though he served in public service

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1. [+62, -9]
He's always been uglyㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+26, -9]
He's such a healthy kid so why did he go into public service? Anyways, 

3. [+14, -30]
On the same day

4. [+12, -7]
Even if he looks like this on a normal camera, it will still get filled with downvotesㅜ because you guys just wanna hate on his looks... He's still f*cking good at singing so I'm not offended by that journalist picture~

5. [+11, -3]
Seriously, celebrities are all about their image;; after his scandal, his impression became freaking bad

6. [+8, -4]
He f*cking matches that dancer, I support you

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