The Boyz' Sangyeon was previously caught allegedly saying "bl*wj*b" on a video (here)

"- Also you guys were really worried because of the things that happened recently right? 
- I felt like if I didn't speak up, I'd give you a hard time 
- I didn't say such things!
- I think there was a point of misunderstanding so I took it down... I don't really care about it anymore and I'll be focusing on the comeback instead!!
- Sorry for worrying you guys and giving you a hard time!!!"

He said that he didn't say it

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1. [+68, -23]
Then he should've told us what he actually said

2. [+63, -18]
I wonder just how frustrated he was to say it like that... not just this member, I feel so disgusted at how people were hating on The Boyz as a whole as if you guys knew about the atmosphere in their practice room

3. [+55, -6]
Why isn't the company of this guy protecting their artists? I think that based on Lee Sangyeon's personality, if time passes by, he would've addressed it personally on a live or something

4. [+52, -9]
No but the camera was running so do you guys really think that he would've said "bl*wj*b"? The trolls are finding all sorts of reasons to hate on them

5. [+46, -9]
I'm a TheB and I'm seriously so upset. The voice was so faint that you couldn't even hear anything but haters spread that false rumor and ruined their whole image. Also, why isn't the company doing anything? They should've released a legal statement. They should've started legal actions. I'm so upset for them

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