Honestly, I've expected way too much from this, but it was just not it 

This was supposed to be THE solo after Nayeon but it's just too comparable
Nayeon's song was so unique and the choreograph was also so unique so it became a huge issue
Even her outfits that were revealed in the teaser videos before her debut were all daebak 
Her MV looked like a lot of money was poured into it

But Jihyo got an average styling, and there's nothing special about it 
Jihyo's specialty is her voice and her powerful dancing, but the song has no high notes, and there's no killing part either
There was also no amazing dance break 
I was looking forward to something like More&More or Talk That Talk... 
the choreography, the outfits and just overall, it felt like something was lacking

When you compared to the other solos from the 3rd generation Treble (Twice, Red Velvet, BlackPink), they gave Jihyo a song that didn't suit her at all 
BP Jennie, Rose, Lisa and Jisoo all got songs that fit them and reaks for money
RV Joy, Wendy, Seulgi all had high quality songs and they suited them 
Twice Nayeon was probably the top when it comes to this 

If she had a song that really made her strengths pop, her results would've been better

The song felt too safe
and everything was lacking
If this was a song picked by Jihyo, it was disappointing...ㅠㅠ

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1. [+319, -27]
She's simply not meant to hit big as a solo 

2. [+209, -31]
From a business perspective, they will invest in people who will sell more, so isn't this obvious?

3. [+190, -15]
The way Jihyo sings is just too old-fashioned and the fact that they make her still sing like that is not good. Her singing should be clearer and match the pop trend of the current times instead, then she'll be able to attract the fans from all over the world. She released a song that her existing fans would like, so it's lacking. And the vomit-inducing lyrics that Park Jinyoung wrote are annoying 

4. [+181, -8]
But Jihyo probably had 70-80% of say in this. She might not know what makes her shine the most, but she at least looks super happy now. If you watched her on Lee Mujin Service, you'd understand that she's the type to insist on the music genre that she likes, so it just felt like she did a song that she wanted to do. So stop f*cking comparing her with Nayeon 

5. [+116, -154]
Nayeon's first challenges also didn't have that much good reactions at first either

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