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- If you're going to be a male idol whose selling point is your pseudo relationship, you should reject those challenges ㅡㅡ

- Please leave some good comments... The singers' image are made from the fans

- The reasons why it's useless for The Boyz to have challenges with women: 
1. They'll get dragged for nonsense
2. This will definitely not help them in promoting their songand the fans will not rewatch those videos, and in the end, these content will just make fans quit the fandom. The Boyz are the only ones at disadvantage

- F*ck they're shooting with women now 

- Seriously this pisses me off

- Ah... What are you doing 

- The first person to shoot a challenge with you is a woman? Are you joking with me?

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1. [+37, -11]
Look at you fabricating things, all the Deobies liked the challenge if you go on Jo Yuri's account ㅋㅋㅋ And even in your post, nobody is even swearing at Jo Yuri, let's stop 
"It's such a cute combination. Jaehyun suits the Taxi challenge perfectly ㅋㅋㅋ"
"This is such a cute combination, what is this? Jo Yuri, Q and Hyunjae, I love you"
"Yuri Jjang, Hyunjae Jjang, Q Jjang, I'm happy all 3 of them are happy"

2. [+32, -43]
Nobody would even look at Jo Yuri even if she was a commoner, what is this overreaction

3. [+28, -9]
There's not a single comment against that girl in the comments, here you are deflecting again 

4. [+28, -12]
Nobody went to Jo Yuri's side to terrorize her, it's just the fans f*cking eating that pseudo-relationship up that they're complaining against The Boyz. They're not even swearing at the other celebrity. Seriously I've only seen good comments on her account 

5. [+25, -12]
But where are the hate comments? I'm another group's fan who only knows The Boyz's Thriller and this just feels like they're joking

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