Birthday, What You Waiting For, XOXO, they were all quality songs and her concept is so distinct. Dumb Dumb was also a huge hit and Somi can also participate in writing her other b-side tracks and they pick them well too. But people are always talking about how Somi won't get pushed because she's going for YG, and honestly, I can't understand these comments. JYP had Baek A-yeon, Park Jimin (Jamie) and YG is treating her way better than these people. More than anything, it feels like Teddy really treasures Somi

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1. [+22, -2]
But it's because JYP pushed her that she had the recognition to start with. How would any trainee get taken in by Teddy just like that?

2. [+21, -1]
No matter how much you claim that Teddy's prime time has passed, his songs are still above average

3. [+13, -4]
If she debuted with ITZY, even if she would've given up on her advertisement opportunities, she would've had better recognition in my opinion. But the fact that she was on rest for 2 years because of songs issues and that her popularity dropped is a shame
> But is there anyone in ITZY who has recognition aside from Yuna? ITZY isn't even as successful as groups like Twice, to say that Somi's recognition dropped is just foolish?
> First of all, her colors are way too different from ITZY's 

4. [+4,- 3]
If she stayed with JYP and debuted with ITZY, she would've been more successful 

5. [+3, -0]
I'm actually looking forward to Somi's concept and songs every time... For real she has the star factor

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