She's seriously freaking pretty but she almost never gets the high light part or stands in the center... even in their group photos, she's always on the side

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1. [+107, -15]
Her singing is whiny so the high light part would go to another talented and pretty member.. To be honest, aside from Chaeryeong all of ITZY have the visuals to be the center

2. [+73, -6]
Ryujin wasn't the #1 on Mix Nine for nothing. She has that something that draws you in.

3. [+64, -2]
Yuna is indeed the visual but the identity of ITZY is either Yeji or Ryujin

4. [+51, -7]
But I like Ryujin as the center. She's good at dancing and she has that something that makes you focus at the center

5. [+50, -1]
Center = not the prettier kid. It's the kid that you would think of the first if they mentioned the team. Of course, being pretty is also important but just like Twice's Nayeon and aespa's Karina, it's the member that the general public would think of first and whose gaze would go towards first that are important

6. [+20, -1]
She's pretty but when I watch ITZY's performance, my gaze automatically goes to Ryujin or Yeji...

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