She spoiled it in their 7th year anniversary live
She said that she was looking forward to their 8th year anniversary and said "we are one"ㅇㅇ
To the fans of other groups making jokes about their disbandment, how do you feel now?? They ended up renewing it seems?

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1. [+30, -3]
Seriously, she's such a filial daughter. She knew that the fans were worried and she even spoiled the contract renewal at the Seoul encore concert at the Gocheok Dome

2. [28, -6]
Seeing the members' reactions right now, they have to renew as a full group if they want to receive a Daesang next year, they should have a comeback early next year and rank #1 on the yearly chart

3. [18, 0]

"(post celebrating Blackpink's 7th year anniversary) ... As for the 8th year anniversary, since we debuted on August 8th, I'm already looking forward to how much more precious moments we'll have!!"

4. [+16, -2]
Are the ahjummas who were waiting for BP's disbandment and downfall crying right now?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+15, -2]
No but I don't understand how people were so heated by a contract renewal of a group who doesn't even affect their own lives.... Just why would they waste their energy so much?... Please go find a singer that you truly like, I'm begging you

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