Today, they're not only planning to go to Hybe but also to Hongdae and parade in front of other entertainment agencies
And they rented 3 Porsches....
Plan 1: During the day, a group of Porsches and a truck will circle around the four major entertainment companies from 10:00-12:00/15:00-17:00 KST. (...) Attached is a route map.

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1. [+184, -1]
ㅋㅋThe truck protests' target is to shame him, that's why they're doing it this way. Do you think that Pledis or Joshua would care a slight bit if they demonstrated with trucks peacefully? They're going around other companies and getting other hoobaes' eyes on this in a bad way, this is how Joshua will start caring ㅋ He has the personality of someone who can't even leave his house with casual clothes even just to go in front of it, of course he'd care if he loses face in front of his hoobaes ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+153, -1]
This is the reason why we say "fans who turn their backs on you are the scariest" this is daebak 

3. [+152, -1]
He looks at the fans with disdain, so of course the fans will look back at him with disdain. If I were them, I woud save my money and wait until their October's comeback and release all the trucks in front of the broadcast companies, make the other artists and fans look at it. They were kind making it on August instead

4. [+96, -1]
He was my bias but this serves him f*cking right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've spent some hundreds over his photocards, thinking how it's worth like sh*t now is just unnerving. Anyways, I'm sure it wouldn't affect him that much considering his personality 

5. [+86, -0]
They're going to exile him ......

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