What's shocking is that the day Joshua's lovestagram broke out, it was also Scoups' birthday
Coups usually acts like the youngest when it comes to his birthday and would sulk if nobody is celebrating it

"Send it on Katalk instead...Kids"
"Carats thank you, spend my birthday happier than me"

Because of the mess, Joshua didn't even come on Weverse so Scoups had to make a pretext for him on his birthday. He was scared that the Carats would be sad because teh members didn't come on Weverse to wish him happy birthday, so he said that the members came to him on Katalk instead so there was no need for them to be on Weverse
Of course, because Joshua didn't come on Weverse, the other members also didn't come 

Coups' personality is usually like a baby who sulks but you can also tell that he loves his role of a leader so it feels like he got stronger too 

Coups had to go this far on his birthday Shua-yah
In an official interview to choose between love and friendship alone, Shua-yah chose love alone when all 12 people were choosing friendship
Shua-yah who didn't appear once on live broadcast this year
Still you said you wanted to go higher on concert and even asked the Carats to help you Shua-yah

"I think you only feel sorry for your girlfriend
You must think that this is all because of you
Because of your job, because of your fans
In case your girlfriend will be sworn at for nothing, in case she hears bad words
Whether it's a fan, a company, or something, you first look at your girlfriend and spend all day worrying for her... You're such a kind person"

t/n: original Tweet was asking whether Joshua is to sleep and what would he think of when he wakes up in the morning in this situation

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1. [+177, -0]
What pisses me off even more is that Scoups is the one who searches about his group/name the most. Every day, he's trying to read the fandom's atmosphere and he's the kid who would go to the company to make suggestions based on the atmosphere. It's his birthday today and he 100% went to look at the trending tags and saw "Joshua girlfriend". I wonder what he thought of it ㅋ

2. [+162, -0]
Wow He was f*cking wise to think abuot sending it through Katalk 

3. [+73, -0]
He handled this well... Did the members always congratulate him on Weverse??

4. [+68, -0]
It's supposed to be his day but what's up with this commotion.. Scoups must've had no fun during his birthday ㅡㅡ

5. [+57, -0]
F*ck because I know Scoups' personality, I'm crying

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