If you look at their livestreams, videos of them off stage, at the airport, in the car or in their practice videos, you'll see that he's always laughing. This kid really laughs easily..ㅋㅋ I can understand why the members like him. At first, I wanted to curse at him and looked up their videos but after seeing him always laughing, I got in my right mind.. Even at the airport, he took all the letters that fans gave him. And when they were waiting, if the fans shouted Sohee's name, he would look at them and greet them. This kid is always smiling so... even if his face isn't handsome, the more I see him, the more I find his actions alright

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1. [+230, -9]
They're turning anyone into idols at this point...

2. [+215, -8]
What the.....? Why are you fangirling on him....? Am I living in a parallel world? Or were his scandals all fake...? What the?.... Can someone explain?....

3. [+202, -5]
He knows how to behave properly so he's just pretending to be pure

4. [+165, -4]
Nobody will buy into his business post so just let his fans play among themselves

5. [+147, -2]
People are already starting to force us to like this charmless idol

6. [+57, -1]
I'd also be smiling a lot if I went from having no teeth to having new teeth

7. [+38, 0]
He's just f*cking ugly

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