"If SM is going to pick men like that on the streets and turn them like this, just throw them back in the streets"

Original tweet: 
F*ck SM, what are you doing? How are you going to put some guy who looks like a fellow clasmmate from the streets and tunr him into an idol like that? 
Even Lee Sohee, I've expected this, but Park Wonbin?
So you're also the product of surgery after all. 
What a disappointment ㅋㅋ
How did they make RIIZE? This is crazy

"I don't want to swear. Just share your method." (t/n: surgery)

Right now on Twitter, the responses are all bad because they had too much work done
And there are a ton of egg accounts going around talking about their photoshop

The walls are all woobly

Aside from that, he also uses Snow filters to enhance the pictuers way too much..

This is a picture of him in the shower room around high school, but the walls behind him are crying

Anyways, it seems like he only touched his eyes so I don't understand wyhy he needs to do this much photoshop?

post response:
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1. [+64, -0]
No but anyone can tell that he used Ulike or Snow to shoot those photos, it's freaking obvious ㅋㅋ

2. [+56 -1]
But you can tell straight by looking that it's photoshopped... Just from the picture quality ..ㅋㅋ

3. [+50, -1]
Sohee too ㅋㅋㅋ
"I'm a classmate... I have no money so I'll save my words. This doesn't feel like it.."
Tweet: His face was small, his proportions were good and he also sings well, so he was popular
The friend who sang with him was also the class president of the 1st year. 
If you look at the vidoe, you can see that he was helping his friend with the tempo next to him and that Sohee was even helping out even before the festival."

4. [+48, -18]
This reminds me of that
"Woobly stairs"... aespa Winter, suspicions over editing photos 'chatters'

5. [+41, -3] 
Seriously this is freaking embarrassing. Are they some mom and pop shop or what?

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