He used to be a famous iljin from Daegu ㅋ
I went to the same school as him and whenever the transfer student came, he would bring his clique and drag the transfer student to the bathroom with him as some "welcoming ceremony"
He rolled up the paper, smoked, fought every day, and probably committed school violence too 
He was creating such a fuss, he even broke the school's wall at one point,
He also brought a c**dom and made water balloons from it 
If you look at his Youtube videos, there are already comments saying he used to be an iljin 
I don't want to see him debut

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The biggest issue is that he's not even handsome

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How are kids like him able to become trainees? This is so frustrating 

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I sseriously hope that not only school violence assailants but kids who played too "awfully" wouldn't become trainees

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He even had a name for his crew in middle school, the "squandering crew" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Is SM in ruins?

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"Taking a picture of your d*ck in PE class"

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I'm a schoolmate from the same school and Kim Daeyoung would enter in the 1st years' class with his 2nd year clique and strangle the 1st year guys' necks with one hand and create a huge mess. This is an incident that was so famous that all the other middle schools were aware of... 
(t/n: kind of like the intranet in a school that talks about what was the most delicious food in the cafeteria)

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