No but the fact that they started with Sugar Rush and the fanchants started right away awas insane..

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1. [+89, -4]
People can talk about doing well in the US with the indicators all the time but showing it like this will simply do it ㅋㅋㅋ They've performed as the main headliner in the Big3 US festival and the  Recording Industry Association of America certified their album gold ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course their hates will go insane over this 

2. [+76, -3]
TXT were the main headliner. They had over 100K people today and the numbers aren't even confirmed yet, some people say it could've even been 110K ㅋㅋㅋ Isn't this insane? Honestly they were chanting to a fan song that doesn't even have a digital release

3. [+68, -3]
This was nothing short from insane. I hope I can hear the screams in this gif. I want to share the fanchants

4. [+65, -3]
The chants were crazy, I felt like watching a TXT concert

5. [+61 ,-3]
I was nervous about them singing a fan song but the moment they started, the fanchants were insane


They came back as headliners again! 

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1. [+50, -1]
It was raining all day but right before TXT's stage, the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared, ti was insane. Even with my fans' lens aside, they did so well, so so well

2. [+43, -1]
The Blue Spring chant was seriously... that's not even a digital song but a fan song 

3. [+43, -1]
Consistently legendary
"TXT, US 'Lollapalooza' headliner.. "We will tear the stage""

4. [+40, -1]
Their stage command is seriously legendary, I can understand why they're so popular in the US..

5. [+35, -1]
They did such a good job, but what's even more impressive was their hard work 

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