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1. [+62, -3]
They definitely suit this kind of song more. If they release a full album... I wanna see a So Bad concept again too

2. [+44, -4]
SWITHs, in case you are scared they get a low entry score in the charts, please don't give up streaming the song. If STAYC get the physical album and challenge buffs, their song will definitely go up

3. [+43, -2]
But to the kids who are saying that Sieun's parts are too short... I think that their song this time suits someone with a stronger voice. You'll understand once you listen to Bubble, Sieun's voice slightly lacks strength so I think that she matched Poppy better

4. [+37, 0]
Anyone can tell that it's a STAYC songㅋㅋ Personally, I like these upbeat songs so much

5. [+29, -2]
Seriously, I liked it as soon as I heard it. Their song is seriously the best this time

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