2023 CHEN's BDAY [Love Words] ACE membership pre-order notice

For events held at Shinhan play Square Live Hall, the reservation site is designated as "Interpark Ticket", so inevitably, "2023 CHEN's B DAY [Love Words]" fan club pre-sale and general reservation will be conducted at "Interpark Ticket". Thank you for your understanding.

In order to provide fan club pre-sale benefits, we will proceed with the pre-sale application as follows.
Those who wish to apply for fan club pre-sale must complete the application within the application period, and basic information (name, membership card number (16 digits)) of the applicant for fan club pre-sale is delivered to "Interpark Ticket". Therefore, only those who agree to this, please make a "pre-application" for pre-sale.
Please note that those who have completed the "pre-registration" are deemed to have agreed to this content.
-Application period: From August 25th (Fri) 06:00 PM to August 28th (Mon) 11:59:59 PM
-Apply for: EXO-L-ACE members
- How to apply: Click the "Pre-registration" button at the bottom of this notice to complete the ACE pre-sale "pre-registration"

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1. Oh... 

2. Oh SM using Interpark is quite new 

3. Is he going to be fine? 
> His fans will go, they don't care

4. Oh so Chen is holding a birthday party........ㅎㅎ

5. I'm honestly not hating on him, but is there anyone who will be going?

6. If he still has fans, he'll do it alright ^^ I feel like the swearing at him era has passed now 

7. Wow I'm envious, it's my first time seeing companies giving out birthday parties

8. Are there even fans of Chen who will go to his birthday party?
> I bet there will be international fans? Of course there will be domestic fans too but the place they booked is already quite small so if they can't fill it up, I bet they'll stop doing them? His birthday is on the actual day too so maybe they'll send his family too 

9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. They'll send his family
> Then he should just do it at home

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