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1. I wished those HQ filters get banned from the idol industry ah I seriously hate this. They turn people's features into a completely different person. And they always give them those random eyelahes out of the blue

2. Ah... There are too many graphical overlays that makes it so obvious, turns out it's those HQ enhancers

3. But I thought foreigners loved using AI enhancers

4. Seriously international fans always do stuff like that on my bias too... They always use those HQ enhancers

5. He's naturally a handsome kid, but they turned him into a different person.. 

6. This is literally a different person? His non-edited version is way better

7. Huh? This feels like it was done by an anti. Looks like different people have different eyes

8. International fans' sense of beauty is quite unique 

9. No but why would you do this to the most handsome member? 

10. Who did this... They did him so dirty.. 

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