[Exclusive] "I Want To Know", Jeon Hongjoon CEO Fifty Fifty not attending their monthly evaluation? I have never missed a single one..." (Interview)

CEO Jeon Hongjoon's side: ""I Want To Know" would have known if they had just cross-checked their facts" "The reason why I did not directly hold an interview with "I Want To Know" is because I'm currently on trial"

He said he attended all of them though???

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1. ㅋㅋ...So they didn't even check their evidence?

2. No but I just freaking pity that CEO ㅋㅋ

3. The broadcast yesterday was even worse than Sojang's reports

4. But "I Want To Know" has the CCTV footage, so they must have all the proofs right?

5. I won't be able to believe "I Want To Know" anymore... 

6. They're literally Sojang 

7. "I Want To Know" can't even match up to Sojang with the way they work 

8. Don't trust "I Want To Know"

9. CEO-nim..... Find strength...

10. Why did "I Want To Know" become like that? Did they receive money?

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