Lia Kim: Tina participated in making the 'Gashina' dance

"Tina did do the teaching on my behalf but"

"Did she misunderstand because of that?"

As for the 'Gashina' choreography itself, I actually choreographed it all and taught it to her.

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1. Let's not curse at other dancers here.... let's not do the same things back

2. But what's up with the kids who said that Tina was the sub-choreographer of the dance?

3. Did Mina Myoung never talked to that so-called Tina girl..?

4. Wow what's up with this reversal?.. Last week, they made it seem like Lia Kim didn't make the dance and the public's opinion totally changed. They were just trolling us in the end..

5. Hul if Lia Kim read the comments, so many of them were cursing at her...

6. Wow what a reversal

7. So the assistant choreographer is just someone that learns the dance with you and shows it to others?!

8. Hul what the? Then there was really no basis for her to get hate?? So Mina Myoung was the only one misunderstanding and that's why she talked that way??........

9. Mnet probably just cut everything before and after their interview and edited it this way

10. What's freaking funny is that Mina Myoung and her gang were going around acting like Lia was in the wrong and talksh*t about her

11. Seriously, what's up with the kids hating on Lia Kim without knowing anything? They really pretended like they knew everything

12. Hul..? This is a total reversal..

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