Recently, Chu appeared on model Jenny Park's YouTube channel. Chuu held a mukbang with the concept of high school sunbae and hoobae at Hanlim Arts High School.

In the video, Jenny Park handed Chuu a pineapple Tanghulu. Jenny Park said, “Pineapple Tanghulu is hot on social media,” and Chuu exclaimed, “Wow yah what is this? This is jjang. PT teacher, close your eyes."

After taking a bite of Tanghulu, Chuu said, "I think I need to go to the dentist. It tastes like Baek Jongwon would like it. It's full of sugar."

Then, Chuu said, "Yah if you eat this, you'll get diabetes." The YouTube crew asked Chu, “Is this your first time eating Tanghulu?”

Regarding the reason why she hadn't eaten Tanghulu so far, Chuu said, "I don't think street foods are healthy. I always thought "Kids who enjoy street foods will die early. But it's delicious".

Tanghulu is a Chinese fruit candy that is popular on social media these days. It is a snack that hardens fruits such as strawberries, tomatoes, and shiny muscats with sugar syrup. As the Tanghulu restaurant has recently become popular, making and eating Tanghulu is a craze on SNS such as YouTube.

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1. But what she says is true though.. It's not good for your health 

2. This is something true to say, but it's also not something you should say on broadcast. 
Do you see people talking to a smoker on TV and say "you'll develop lung cancer, I always thought that I'd develop lung cancer if I smoke, so I don't smoke'? Do you see the issue?

3. I think she can keep it to herself, but to say it is different... Considering she's on broadcast, I wonder if she couldn't have filtered out her commnet a bit more... She could've simply said it's not healthy 

4. What she say is right though 

5. People are finding anything offensive now 

6. The fact she said "die early" sounds thoughtless..

7. If the Tanghulu shop owner watched this, I bet they'd get upset. It's like the same thing if she hear someone say "Kids who fangirl on idols will ruin their life right?" I bet she'd get upset

8. I don't think it's offensive

9. It's tasty though

10. Of course some people who eat Tanghulu street foods might feel offended by that, but if they just watched her Shorts, I'm pretty sure they won't think anything of itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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