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1. Motorcycle... It's way too dangerous 

2. Hul I hope he can recover safely 

3. Motorcycles are honestly too dangerous... I hope he can get the treatment, rest plenty and show us a better side soon.. 

4. Huh??????????????????????

5. A motorcycle...? He was riding a motorcycle by himself at night? ㅠ This is so dangerous aigo..I hope his surgery goes well and he can recover..

6. Fracturing a thigh must be so painful... 

7. Taeil needs to stop driving motorcycles

8. Why would you drive a motorcycle...Ha 

9. Did fans know that he rides a motorcycle?
> I knew it...
>> It's my first time hearing it... I didn't even know he drove a car...

10. The fact that he got into a motorcycle accident and only fractured a thigh is a relief... Motorcycles are way too dangerousㅜ Please recover fast

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