It started with NewJeans' global fanbase attacking Lisa in a comment they made

Lisa's fandom then exposed them and it started to create a stir
NewJeans global fanbase (NGF) released a notice saying they think they got hacked but people were mocking them saying not to believe them

NGF even released a screenshot of it and people continued mocking them 

But then someone got a screenshot of a chatbox and exposed NewJeans Chart? And then people started speculating whether they actually got hacked

This was the account that first released the screenshot

This account is known for releasing a bunch of screenshots of chats from NewJeans accounts

More proofs: 

This is NewJeans' Spain account (with 3000 followers) 
The fans were asking that account to clairfy. And one of the admins said that only 3 people can log in and that 2 of them have a different phone so it couldn't be them 
The first person who exposed that chat had their screenshot in Spanish, so it was revealed that it was a Spanish person 

Even the emojis are the same but because people were suspicious, it got buried..

So it was pretty established that it was one of the 3 admins from the NewJeans Spanish account that infiltrated in the account, but it was impossible to raise awareness for it

Meanwhile, Lisa's major accounts were still encouraging people to report NewJeans

I won't post all the NewJeans IG and TikTok hate comments here..
But then, today, that BP fan finally came out to reveal she hacked the NewJeans account

original post: here

1. What... Is this post supposed to clarify? There's so little substance

2. No but why would the BP fan herself reveal that she hacked into the NewJeans account...? I read this twice and I still don't get it 

3. They can easily look at who logged in by looking at the log-in logs. Why are they making this into such a long explanation?

4. But if that last screenshot was really the proof, then why did they close down their account?

5. So she was the one who hacked the account and closed the account?

6. But if you report an account like that, can you really make it disappear?

7. So NGF got hacked by a BlackPink fan???
> Yup the BlackPink fan hacked into NGF and started leaving hate comments on BlackPink

8. This is a good clarification 

9. Wow this is so oba 

10. This fandom is freaking evil, this is disgusting 

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