Last October, during the NCT US tour, the group stayed at a hotel for some self-made contents and a foreigner broke into the hotel and took a video of the room. 

She was even bragging about hiding next to them in the self-made content

"This hurts so much. Judy and her friends are mentally ill and are real life trash. They are stalkers and what's worse is that they were bragging about trespassing their room and were violating the artists' privacy. As long as they exist, the boys won't be safe if they go there."

"Twitter user @sunkissedviews has been following the members' official and unofficial schedule since 2017, invading their privacy whenever they visit the United States. Recently, she tweeted a video of herself breaking into a member's hotel room, revealing the inside of the room. If she is able to invade the members' personal space, there is a chance that she may harm and abuse them physically or mentally.

This has been going on for too long, and you can even spot her in the background of NCT 127's USA Vlogs. As fans, we are very concerned about NCT127's safety and demand that SM Entertainment address the situation as soon as possible."

She's been like that since 2017, but it's not being managed at all, and she's even entering a 5-star security hotel. 

The fact that she can enter a member's room when nobody is around is so dangerous

And if you're wondering whose sasaeng she is, she's been like that towards the 127 members for 6 years now and this was her 2nd offence

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1. It's been 6 years? Isn't she crazy?

2. Wow... isn't this a crime?

3. I guess they can't help but hate their fans after this.... how are they supposed to live their daily lives being terrified like that?.

4. Hul

5. Wasn't the members' house trespassed too?... I feel like since she's a foreigner, they can't even punish her

6. Can they honestly do something about her...? Ha..

7. Ah so this person was the girl who was in their self-made content... she's way too overboard...

8. Stop pretending to care with your Kwangya 119 and start doing your work properly

9. SM is the trashiest for not doing anything despite all these things

10. Is she mentally ill?... what's wrong with her?

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