"Even during the days we're not going on dates, he always drives me to and back from work"
"But because I work at a clothing store and as a bartender, I always finish work after my boyfriend"

"When I'm done with my office work, he'd drive me at the clothing store (20 minutes)"
"Once I'm done, he'd pick me up again and drive me home (30 minutes)"
"So he'd turn around again and pass by my clothes store to go back home (30 minutes)"
"Even on days we're not on dates, he'd drive me home like that every day"

"And I also have my bartender job right? On Saturdays, I'd work there and on Sundays too"

So he even drives her during the weekend...

"But my boyfriend also has his business, so he has meetings on Saturdays and Sundays too"
"Meanwhile I work at different places every day (as a event bartender)"
"Boyfriend: Where are you working this week?"
"I would say "this week, I need to work at @@ place" and he'd pick me up at my house"
"And then drive me to my work place"
"And then he'd drive off to go to his work"

"Boyfriend: When are you done with work tonight?" 
"And then I'd go to another meeting, so he'd come again"
"He'd pick me up again and drive me home again" 

Once she's done, he'll pick her up and drive her home 

"My boyfriend would never drink until I'm done work"
"When I say "I'm done now" and I'm on my way to hang out with friends, he'd come drive me again"

"If he's too busy to drive me around or when he can't make it, he'd text me"
"Boyfriend: If you let me know when you're done, I'll send you a taxi"
"He'd send me a taxi when I let him know when I'm done"

"If  I feel down on a day, I'll tell him"
"And he'd buy me a small gift"

"When I ask him "When did you write me the letter?" he'd say : I wrote it when I was waiting for you in the car"
"And I also love events so much, so he'd prepare candles at home"
"Boyfriend: tonight is movie night, so I prepared snacks to watch with the movies"

"He's very meticulous with everything"
"For example, I'd go home"
"And he'll always take off my shoes or put on my shoes (my socks too)"

"He never told me once to prepare good for him, he's always the one cooking"
"I think that in the 100-200 times my boyfriend would cook for me"
"I'd prepare 10x for him"

"In the morning, he'd cook pancakes for me and cut fruits to bring them to my bed"
"And at night, if I say I want strawberry with ice cream"
"He'll take the car and go out and buy them, then prepare it on a plate and bring it to my bed"

"It's like he wants to make all our dating fantasies come true?"

She's a Youtuber called TVJOSIS and is dating a foreigner
I'm so shocked that there are people dating like that...

original post: here

1. Rather than a lover, this is a daycare caretaker

2. Me too I want to receive this type of love, I'm confident that I can also give this much love...ㅜㅜ

3. I personally find this so so... There are people who love going to and off work alone too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've tried dating someone while spending all my time with them and it's not easy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I don't think that guy has his own life...

5. If my boyfriend was to suggest something like that to me, I'd straight up refuse it... 
I'm also someone who just like doing things on my own to start with
I don't want to see someone I like spend 1-2 hours just for me like that every day 

6. It's nice to see, the fact that he's maintaining this isn't something easy. That man must be really in love

7. Wow it's hard to put in this much time for someone, this makes me emotional ㅜㅜ

8. Just call it slavery instead

9. He likes to do this for her, so the hate comments here trying to find fault in this are funny...ㅋㅋㅋ

10. Wow... I'm envious 

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