t/n: Saw a post about him using slangs from male communities on Pann (here), Knets told him to fix the way he talks because it's "too harsh" and gives it away that he visits male communities
some words he used :
ㅗㅜㅑ = literally 'Wow', but used when you find something erotic hot
아몰랑 = literally 'Ah I don't know~', some debates that this expression is a misogynist expression
못참지 = 'Won't/can't hold back', not sure why this one is controversial 
없당께 = 'Don't have' , jeollado accent, not sure why this one is controversial

Hi, this is Zerobaseone's Kim Gyuvin.

Recently, in an attempt of interacting with fans in a new way, I found out that I used expressions whose exact meaning and origin were unknown, and I am deeply reflecting on this.

I sincerely apologize to the many people who may have been offended by my immaturity. I will continue to work hard on educating myself more and try to prevent this from happening again in the future.

I apologize once again to the fans who support me and to all the people who have caused concern due to this incident.

original post: here

1. He acknowledged it in a timely manner and apologized, this is a way better way to treat the incident. Honestly, I don't think that he had to write anything, but let's do well in the future

2. He acknowledged his mistake and is reflecting. this is the most important thind. 
Of course anyone is bound to make mistakes in their lives
and there will be opportunities for him to make up for it 

3. He didn't let it just bury down and he acknowledged his fault and apologized.  I hope he won't do it in the future, it's nice that he rectified before it blew even bigger

4. I hope that he sues everyone who went over the limit with hating on him 

5. He wrote a good apology 

6. That's right, as long as he apologized

7. I'll support you Kim Gyuvin

8. Let's be more careful ㅠㅠㅠ Rest well 

9. He spent hours writing to the fans and even the fans didn't think much of it. He left way more comments of sincerity than comments like these

10. Let's do better in the future! 

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