I live 30 minutes away from that bus station and play at Seongnam every day with friends, this is scary 


At least 14 people were injured on Thursday after a man drove his car into pedestrians then went on a stabbing rampage near a subway station in Seongnam city, just south of Seoul.

Nine people were stabbed at the site, while five others were injured after the suspect drove a car into the pedestrian walkway before the knife attack, Gyeonggi Province government member Lee Ki-in said in a Facebook statement.

Of the 14 injured, 12 are seriously injured and two people suffered minor injuries, according to Gyeonggi-do Fire Services.

The police arrested the suspect 10 minutes after reports were filed on this incident, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

Just days ago one person was killed and others injured in another stabbing attack in Seoul. Such incidents are rare in South Korea however, where violent crime is low.

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Hannams are getting impressive lately. Didn't this one guy got dumped by his girlfriend so he opened the door of an airplane? And then we got a series of copycat crimes that followed. This choding Hannam opened the airplane door and threw a tantrum to the flight attendant saying how he hated living in this world, then proceeded to stab her. And then people are blaming women all the time and saying how we should kills Hannyeos (t/n: derogatory term for Korean women) and leaving a bunch of hateful posts online. Seriously everyone is just committing copycat crimes. And then they say that women are useless and saying how women aren't "resisting" to those crimes. Did everyone collectively catch a mental illness?? So the moment they become incel, they'll stoop this low.. 

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Seriously lock his wrists and ankles. And also chop off his d*ck and bury him alive. Seriously can we go back to medieval age punishments?

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I saw this on the news today... Seriously my head hurts.. Did all men catch a mental disease? Why are they like that?
"Seohyeon Station Knife Stabbing
College male student murders his mother
Jinju inter-floor noise knife fight
Apgujeong Rolls Royce
Changwon sulfuric acid spill
Disco Pang Pang owner arrested
Seongnam weapon riot
Sex offenders tunrs off their electronic anklets and head to the Gangnam Club
Saemangeum Jamboree"

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And when women say that they're scared of walking in the streets, they ignore us and this is the results of a country that doesn't do anything about their public security~ And these men who attack women are usually incels too. Meanwhile, those men are always complaining about feminism. Now attacking women became almost like a given, so they indiscriminately terrorize us tsk tsk 

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That's a copycat crime 

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