"It suits you it suits you" "Wear it! Wear it!"

"Look at Lee Jaehyun's expressions ...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ One thing for sure, tehre are lots of people who have 0 tact and common sense among those fangirls. Imagine bringing this in front of him, his expressions screams "these f*cking weird b*tches" and there were so many people asking him to wear it.."

230826 Mini record #Hyunjae
1. Jaehyun was embarrassed by his fan item
2. Sangyeon didn't have any prejudice
3. Youngjae found this situation funny

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1. This reminds me of male fans asking female idols to give them a peck in the past. Are they insane?

2. No but even his members were telling hi to wear it. What's wrong with all of them... Can't they not tell when to get serious? And the fan who brought this to him is crazy

3. No but of course you can bring a dress there if you want to, but if that person clearly hates it, you should be more cautious. What's up with the fans who couldn't read the situation and kept on pushing him to wear it...

4. Can they wake up...? Why would they do this towards a grown man 

5. This fandom is seriously their own fandom entry blocker

6. What's up with the member telling him to wear it?

7. Wow and people are blaming Hyunjae for that...?

8. Wow the fact that you're hearing all those "Wear it!" is giving me goosebumps.. Don't they think they're being weird? I pity him 

9. This is honestly considered harassment.. If you hate drinking and someone pressures you, it's considered harassment, the same applies here with that dress

10. All of these people are problematic but.. The staff really doesn't look at the fan items and just pass it on to the members???? 

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