The Jamboree K-pop Super Live is set to be a memorable event. However, not all is as expected. BTS, the global sensation, will not be attending. Jin and J-Hope are currently enlisted in the military, Suga is set to join them soon, and V is deeply engrossed in preparing his solo album.

But fans need not be too disappointed. While BTS members won't be physically present, their faces surely will be. Smiling portraits and cheeky winks are heading to the Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium, not in person, but in the form of photo cards.

In lieu of the members' presence, HYBE has decided to dispatch BTS merchandise. This comes in response to the Jamboree Organizing Committee's request for BTS goods. Word has it that they are hurriedly collecting around 45,000 items.

The K-pop concert serves as the Jamboree Organizing Committee's contingency plan. Using idol groups as a "sweet treat" to placate the Jamboree members, they aim to transform the Saemangeum debacle into cherished K-pop memories.

Between the 8th and 10th, Dispatch inquired various entertainment agencies about their participation in the Jamboree. Most responded saying, "It's a national event. If asked to attend, it's nearly impossible to decline."

Indeed, securing an idol group isn't a task done overnight. Top idols are always on the move, often managing 2-3 scheduled events in a single day.

Especially during their promotional periods, extracting time from their packed schedules-comprising fan meetings, autograph sessions, interviews, photo shoots, content recordings, live broadcasts, and more-to maximize album sales is a challenge

Yet, it seems the Jamboree Organizing Committee prioritizes only its own circumstances. They've switched venues twice, changed dates twice, and kept artists on standby. One agency (A) shared, "We canceled our Sunday schedule for the event, only for it to be suddenly moved to Friday. Now we're having to rearrange everything. There seems to be a lack of understanding about idol schedules."

Another agency (B) pointed out the complications arising from these changes, emphasizing the exhaustive effort they pour into album preparations. "Changing the date and venue twice completely disrupts our plans," they remarked.

While agencies acknowledge the solace a K-pop concert might bring to the distressed participants of Saemangeum, they lament the lack of empathy and consideration for the artists. "When schedules get canceled, we face complaints from fans and suppliers. If we've booked a venue, we have to rebook. It doubles the costs, and the agency has to deal with all grievances and bear the losses," shared an official from agency C.

Agency D raised concerns about costs too, highlighting that "idol expenses can surpass 10 million won." They lamented the lack of clear communication regarding guarantees and staff organization.

It seems the idols' agencies are the ones truly feeling the heat from the Jamboree's sudden mobilization. The organizing committee defensively stated that the booking was handled by KBS 'Music Bank', seemingly distancing themselves from any coercive casting controversies.

"Simply because 'Music Bank' does the casting doesn't mean artists can just substitute it for a 'concert'. This is a national event, and everyone should be prepared to make sacrifices," remarked an official from agency E.

K-pop artists are slated to gather at Sangam-dong on the 11th. However, crucial details like the cue sheet and event sequence remain undisclosed. They'll need to check their order on-site, rehearse, and wait.

The 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup saw South Korea reach the semi-finals. Everyone desired a national festivity, and artists spontaneously attended the celebratory performances.

While that was a true national festivity with artists willingly participating, the Jamboree concert of 2023 seems different. It appears more about compensating for Saemangeum's shortcomings and preserving the organizing committee's reputation.
CR: Kpop Reporter

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1. What the heck is this?

2. Is this kind of thing really happening in 2023? How is our country so bad with dealing with things?

3. Is this even necessary?

4. Just give the goods to me, there are so many fans who would want to buy those. They can try to extort their money in so many other ways...

5. Are we really in 2023?

6. The participants of Jamboree aren't even ARMYs.... the goods are only meaningful to the fans..

7. This isn't a Bangtan concert so what's the point of putting those there?

8. What can they do without Bangtan? These blockhead f*ckers

9. They've gone mad

10. It's a dictatorship, why do they have to go to this sh*tty event with no demand?


It has been pointed out that the jamboree organizing committee violated the Occupational Safety and Health Act by not installing safety railings to prevent falls at the site of a K-pop concert stage for World Jamboree participants.

"If you look at the photos of the concert stage set-up taken by the media at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 8th, you can see numerous violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act," the construction union of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said on Tuesday. The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to take sufficient safety measures to prevent workers from falling.

According to the construction union, some of the workers were working at height but not wearing suspension belts. A suspension belt is a belt-like product worn around the waist to support the body in the event of a fall.

There are no safety railings or lifelines at the top. There are not enough scaffolds on all floors, and there are no ladders to go from floor to floor.

"The government is preparing for the concert in a hurry, so basic safety measures are not being taken at the stage installation site," said Jeon Jae-hee, head of the labor and health department of the construction union.

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1. I'm so worried

2. Let's impeach him!

3. This country is a mess

4. Crazy, this is an onion

5. Even so, 3 people wore a belt

6. The president of South Korea is so cool ^^^^^^^^^^^ he's so good at doing this work

7. Seriously, you guys suffered...

8. The government is being unlawful with everythingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. F*ck, is this North Korea?

10. And who are they gonna blame for this? This is ridiculousㅡㅡ

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