According to media outlet reports on August 2 KST, BTS's V has joined hands with head creative producer Min Hee Jin of ADOR for his highly-anticipated solo debut project.

Min Hee Jin, a former creative director at SM Entertainment, was recruited by HYBE Labels in 2019 before being appointed Chief Brand Officer. She then went on to launch her own subsidiary company ADOR in 2021, successfully producing her own girl group, NewJeans.

Meanwhile, V will be the last member of his group BTS to launch his solo debut project. His solo project is projected for release as early as September. In particular, it's known that renowned music critic Kim Young Dae has already listened to a sample of V's solo album, indicating that all of the music for the idol's solo debut has been completed and ready for test runs.
CR: Allkpop

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1. Min Heejin?

2. Daebak

3. Wow f*ck, Min Heejin will really be working with V?

4. Wow shocking... I'm so looking forward to it

5. Wow I'm so curious

6. Wow what's happening? Min Heejin and V?..

7. Seems like a lot of people are anticipating it? I'm looking forward to V

8. Hul is this official? Looking forward to it

9. Hul Bangtan and Min Heejin seem to be part of different crowds so I'm curious about the kind of vibe he'll get

10. Even without Min Heejin, I was already curious about V's solo but this is making me anticipating it even more

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