Rapper Cardi B showed women's sanitary products called 'tampons' during the performance.

On the 28th (local time), Cardi B showed off a string of tampons to the audience while performing in Las Vegas, USA.

Cardi B was wearing a short yellow mini dress. As she danced, she approached the audience at the front of the stage and confirmed that she was not wearing underwear as she rocked her hips. Soon after, Cardi B pulled out a white thread from a tampon, a disposable sanitary pad, and showed it to the audience.

The audience was surprised by Cardi B's sudden action, and Cardi B tapped the affected part while dancing as if she didn't care. She immersed herself in the performance on stage without wearing underwear or shoes.

On that day, Cardi B was angry with the DJ who performed with her. After she finished her song 'I Like It,' she walked over to the DJ booth and pulled the microphone. She looked angry as she exited the stage with her bodyguards.

One fan explained that Cardi B was upset because the DJ cut her song short during the performance.

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1. 😨

2. She wasn't trying to show her tampon, she was just not wearing panties no? ㅠㅠㅜ Of course, it's also problematic

3. ????

4. She needs to cut it down 

5. No but... She's on stage.. Of course the people under her can see, why wouldn't she wear underwears?

6. She wasn't wearing underwears? I feel like she might've done it so that the audience could see it better

7. No but why ????

8. Wasn't Beyoncé dancing on her dancer's lap while performing in a miniskirt? In the Reels, she was walking around butt naked without underwear on. Is it common for people over there to not wear underwear because of the condition of their clothes during performances?

9. This is shocking ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. The tampon string isn't the issue, it's the fact that her privates were shown no??;; Ah I liked Cardi B for her ASMR but why..

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