(T/N: for context, 'I Want To Know' said on broadcast that ATTRAKT would throw away the food that the parents gave the members and have the members pick the food and throw them away)

Actual people involved:
- Trainee B
- Kina
- Trainee A
- Sena
- Baek OO, member of 'The Giver's
- Choi OO
- Choi OO
* Sio was attending high school (she was having final exams on 7/5~8)
Date: 2021.07.06
Place: ATTRAKT Gangnam center

I Want To Know: (ATTRAKT) threw all the foods that the parents brought in the living room. They would insult the members while saying "quickly pick them up and throw them in the garbage"

Fact Check: The person who wanted to throw away the food (snacks) was Baek OO from 'The Givers'. 'FIFTY FIFTY' ha to keep their heads down and listen to his insults.

PS. The place where the food throwing incident took place is Gangnam Center. 'Dispatch' is covering the incident.

(Scene from 'I Want To Know' described above where the show is getting a testimony of the incident from family member C)

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1. The public has always trusted 'I Want To Know' but I feel like this time, they crossed the line way too far. I don't understand why they would do this

2. The day has come when I finally support Dispatch

3. It's been a long time since this show has lost their credibility

4. Sigh, everything was a lie

5. Crazy f*ckers.... 'I Want To Know' needs a full investigation too. Does it make sense that they are covering a bullsh*t that needs to be fact-checked by another company? Seriously, are they insane? We should investigate them to see if they received any money from under the table

6. 'I Want To Know' is a show that has such a strong power to shift the public opinion too...

7. I always think about this for Dispatch, but I wonder if they could touch on social issues with that persistence... Of course, they won't, but I wish they'd use that persistence for something other than celebrity love stories, like their coverage of the last Jamboree...

8. I lost all my trust in 'I Want To Know' 

9. And despite all of this, they still haven't apologized

10. Who knew that I'd be reading an article from Dispatch...

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