Fair Trade Commission, targeting ‘photocards’ included in idol albums
“Buying dozens of albums until you get the photo you want”
Criticism of “‘speculative tactics’ taking advantage of ‘fans' heart’”
Unfair contracts and outsourcing... Entertainment companies successive investigations

The Fair Trade Commission has launched an on-site investigation on charges of “tie-in-sales” “idol photo cards” included in albums of large entertainment companies.

This is due to continued criticism that it is a speculative ploy that takes advantage of idol fans' "heart" by producing too many types of photocards.

According to the entertainment industry on the 2nd, the Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site investigation on YG Entertainment on the same day. Starting with SM Entertainment on the 31st of last month, on the 1st of this month, we conducted an on-site investigation of JYP Entertainment.

This is in response to the recent increase in consumer complaints that large entertainment companies' photocards were getting out of hand.

Recently, nearly 50 types of photocards of the popular idol group NCT have been released and sold in randomized fashion, resulting in public opinion that it is 'getting severe'. Usually, the price of one album ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 won.

Idol fans do so-called ‘album kkang’ (t/n: buying albums) until they get the desired member’s photocard, and earn money by reselling the photocards on Twitter or at the Carrot market. The market price of photocards varies greatly, but the rarer it is, the higher the value.

Among extreme fans, purchasing dozens or hundreds of albums in order to obtain the desired photocard is regarded as a ‘general rule'. 

Meanwhile, recent investigations by the Fair Trade Commission targeting entertainment companies are continuing. Previously, at the beginning of last month, large agencies such as Hybe, SM, and YG conducted on-site investigations to find out that there had been violations of the Subcontracting Act, such as verbal contracts, with outsourcing companies producing albums and goods.

One of the issues the Fair Trade Commission is looking into is whether there is an unfair contract between the affiliated entertainer and the agency.

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1. Finally ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Stop selling photocards already 

2. The album photocards aren't the biggest issue here but the 'unreleased' photocards. 
Do you think this is right?

- Photocard template for the unreleased goods
+ SMini cover photocard review
+ Unreleased preview that are blurred
+ Pop-up store template

3. As long as they stop randomizing, they'll solve the issue

4. Finally!!!!!

5. I saw a comment saying that there was 50-60 photocards per member hul 

6. Do you  think other companies don't do this? Everyone is just as equally bad

7. SM 
NCT Dream 24 types
NCT 127 20 types
EXO 19 types
aespa 11 types
NCT DoJaeJung 10 types

18 types
NewJeans 11 types
Le Sserafim 10 types
ENHYPEN 11 types
Fromis_9 15 types
TXT 9 types
BTS Jimin 3 types, Suga 3 types

Twice 12 types
XDinary Heroes 8 types
Stray Kids 12 types
NMIXX 8 types
ITZY 20 types
Twice Jihyo 4 types

BlackPink Jisoo 5 types
Treasure 18 types

8. They need to regulate the unreleased photocards

9. The unreleased photocards are the most annoying thing ㅡㅡ

10. Can't people just not buy albums?

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