SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as 'SM') is taking legal action against the case where the group NCT's Jaehyun's dorm was leaked due to a sasaeng fan.

On this day, SM said, "The video is an illegal act that seriously infringes on the artist's privacy, and we are collecting data on the person who first uploaded it and all those who redistributed it." We will ask the investigative agency to proceed with the investigation."

Previously, on the 21st, a video was posted on social media and online communities where the inside of a hotel where NCT 127 members were staying during their US tour in October last year was filmed and spread.

This became controversial when a foreign sasaeng fan stole Jaehyun's hotel room card key and trespassed while the room was empty and posted a video on his account.

In response, reports from fans who saw the video were posted on the ARTIST defamation report board of 'KWANGYA 119,' a reporting center established by SM, urging strong action. Recognizing the seriousness of the incident, SM plans to collect information from fans and conduct a full-scale investigation.

Regarding this, in March, SM said, "There is an increasing number of acts that seriously infringe on the privacy of NCT members." We will mobilize all available means to take strong legal action."

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1. This is insane 😬

2. Is this true????????

3. This is such aw ild story 

4. F*ck sue that American hotel 

5. Please catch them 

6. Crazy... I'm not even his fan and my hair is rising... What world are we living in today..

7. Let's send a lawsuit to the hotel 

8. This is just cringe 

9. No but if she entered when nobody was watching, shouldn't they at least be looking for molkas? Are they r*tarded?

10. Ah f*ck that sasaeng f*cker needs to be dealt with by SM. And sue the hotel ㅠ I wished Jaehyun didn't know... sigh ㅠ

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