On August 1, Yonhap News reported that the 50th District of Seoul’s Central Court had referred the idols’ case to mediation court. A date for the court’s hearing has not been decided.

Mediation Court focuses on arbitrating an agreement between two parties rather than giving a ruling. Cases are referred to the court when judges feel that resolving a legal dispute through mediation would be best for both parties.

If an agreement is not reached voluntarily, the court will then make a compromise offer. If both parties accept the offer, it will take the stead of a legal ruling. If either party rejects the offer, however, the case then returns to a traditional court.
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1. Too late

2. No but... they only hit big because the song was good. None of the member has any personal popularity... 

3. Why would they? Do they know how hard it is for idols to debut? They don't know anything about worldly affairs;;

4. Nobody is willing to support dumb and greedy kids...

5. This is already a thing of the past. Let's just pay back the contract cancellation fee and call it a day. Don't come to an agreement whatsoever. If they come back with the same members, I won't be supporting them at all. It's too late. They had so many chances to do right

6. It's already over so how can they come back? Nobody will support them

7. Who will like them?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. They already hit rock bottom and I hope that the CEO doesn't act foolish and take the members back

9. This is not it

10. I don't know what the CEO is feeling but I don't like them and won't be listening to their songs nor watch their contents anymore. It's my first time seeing idols back stabbing this hard

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