- We somehow became the ideal type of a stranger..!

Post: Personally, using an iPhone isn't a minus but I feel like (girls who) use a Galaxy are a plus

- I suddenly want to switch to an iPhone...ㅋㅋ ㅠ

- I don't want to become a plus like this

MC: Anyways, there's a post called "I need to catch a girl who uses a Galaxy"

MC: After reading it, what are your feelings?

Post: Am I the only one who likes girls who use Galaxy?
Of course, it's not that I hate the ones who use an iPhone but it's kinda like how girls ignorantly prefer men who use iPhones. I also kind of ignorantly have this kind of preference. Am I the only one?

- It doesn't make me... feel good

- I don't have any desire of appearing positively to that person

- I need to get an iPhone...

original post: here

1. Girls who use Galaxy Ultra have f*cking high standards so please just skip on him. I only have my bias in my gallery

2. Being a fangirl is the bestㅋㅋ you guys are just octopuses ^^

3. There's a high chance that girls who use Galaxy Ultra are fangirling over idols/singers/actors

4. My Galaxy only exists for the sole purpose of taking pictures of idols

5. They really look displeasedㅋㅋㅋㅋ I f*cking relate

6. That person has such a strong stereotype. I hate them the mostㅋㅋㅋㅋ(T/N: Galaxy has a "cheaper" image than iPhones)

7. Why do I feel like I'm seeing so many posts force hating on Samsung nowadays?;;

8. I used to have the Galaxy Flip but the camera was shit when I went to my bias concert so I changed it to an Ultra

9. Galaxy are the best for fangirling

10. You ugly f*ckers, we're using Galaxy to fangirl on handsome men

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