They had the best number of unique listeners today as well as their best rank

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Week 2 of activity has begun and is trending upward.

They are also rising on the Genie chart.

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1. The song is good. I also liked Psychic Lover

2. They are so good on stage. I hope the song succeeds more

3. I was always listening to the song but I fell for it even more after watching their stageㅋㅋㅋ ITZY are the best

4. Psychic Lover is good too

5. The more I listen to Cake, the more I like it ㅋ I've been putting Kill Shot on an infinite loop

6. They are too good on stage. As expected, ITZY are all about the performance

7. ITZY's aura is so good. They make me excited and give me strength

8. This is my going-to-work song

9. They are slowly going up, they'll go even higher

10. Please listen to Kill Shot too

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