by Lim Dong-Yup

The turn of the last 'HYBE boy' has come. BTS V announced his first solo album <Layover> with Min Heejin, producer of Ador, a label under Hive that caused the NewJeans Syndrome. One of the first singles, 'Love me again', is an R&B with a light touch of jazz, and has a relaxed groove. Overall, the dreamy atmosphere gently wraps around the sweetness of the mid-low tones that V has shown so far.

When you calmly enjoy this drowsy song, your gaze naturally turns to the vocalist. It is a sound that fits his status from being a member of a global boy group. While the overlook itself is harmonious, the more you focus on the melody and singing, the more the charm you felt at first start to drop. The music feels overpackaged for the sake of creating an unique impression and makes listeners dwindle. The song and the singer are in the same space, but in different rhythms.

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1. Even when you listen to it digitally, the song is just okay... 

2. I'm another member's fan and I feel like the 2 songs that Taehyung has released really fit him. Aside from this, this is also only a b-side track. The song doesn't need to be public-friendly. I'm looking forward to his song on September 8th. Fighting!!

3. The song is seriously good but the vocals are a bit stuffy. My ears feel gradually tired when I listen to it

5. The song is a hit or miss so this kind of reaction was inevitable... But since this is his long awaited solo release, as long as he's able to maintain the momentum of the interest, he's set

5. I felt like the song was relaxing and I'm enjoying it ㅋㅋ Once September arrives, it'll be more chilly outside and the song will be better, I'm also looking forward to his title 

6. I'm a V fan and I think that his pre-releases weren't that bad
As an idol, I feel like he's broadened his spectrum to go solo and it's nice to see that he'll have a certain direction he wants to pursue for his solos in the future
He'll also improve his singing ability more and more, he's hard working. It's was a bit lacking this time, but I'm looking forward

7. I just feel like V can't sing 

8. He doesn't have the skills to pull off an entire song by himself 

9. For an Izm evaluation, this was actually not bad. Of course the fans will still not be happy but please don't fight, if you don't like his evaluation, just ignore it 

10. I can understand what he's trying to say. I also feel like the OSTs he released so far were better

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