TEENTOP's withdrawn member CAP (Bang Minsoo)

-Whenever I'm at fansigns events
- If we're 3 people sitting next to each other (idol1, idol2, idol3)
- If (the fan) likes idol 2, they'll freaking ignore you and just pass by you 

++ talking about a close group's unpopular member

- They went to an army event
- They also had events like fansigns and whatnot
- In which the fans were told "Just go to the person you want to"
- And nobody went to my friend
- They came to me that day and cried while drinking alcohol 

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1. Didn't he said he wanted to stop being a celebrity? Why am I seeing him so often?

2. Yah f*ck you're the one treating the fans as if they were nobody in the fansigns, and now you're claiming they're the ones who are freaking ignoring you? Seriously you think you're the victim here? There's a reason why the Daegu fansigns never released any fancam of you 

3. No but he's the one who hated being an idol more than anyone else so why is he always talking about stuff like that? 

4. I only pity the fans 

5. He withdrew and he should be liing a quiet life instead, meanwhile he's ruining his mouth 

6. But he deserves to be unpopular... He should have manners first

7. Stop ruining your mouth  tsk tsk 

8. Can people who withdraw from their groups stop mentioning the bad anecdotes from his group? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. He honestly has no manners

10. I still remember the fans who went in front of my bias and said nothing to them during fansigns ㅋㅋ

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