MC: Lately...

MC: Was there any comment that gave you a hard time and hurt you?

KEB: That I'm old... No but what do you want me to do about aging!?
MC: That's just the providence of nature!

KEB: Well, I can understand that people gave me love when I was young

KEB: But saying things like "you're too old! Why aren't you losing weight?"

KEB: No but I'm trying to live a normal life and I'm not lacking anything but they keep passing comments

KEB: I tried not caring about those comments but sometimes, I do care

MC: Seems like there were a few talks about your age

KEB: There were quite a bit of talks about my age. But aging isn't something we can control

Kwon Eunbi is a '95-liner
In Korean age, she's 29
She's 27 in international age
She said that there were quite a few comments about her age and weight

No but how can they say this to someone this pretty?..

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1. What "weight"...?

2. She's only in her 20's now.. what "old"?

3. Do these people who comment about her age think that they don't age?

4. She's so pretty right now and even if she was becoming less pretty, can they leave her alone? Everyone will deteriorate one day...

5. Seriously, who cares about aging? Leave her alone

6. I'm the same age as her so this pisses me off even more. F*ck, do you really think that I age because I wanted to?

7. She's so skinny so who is talking about her weight? And everybody ages just the same

8. Ever since her Produce days, there were so many people commenting about her age. It must've really stressed her out

9. Age and weight? About Kwon Eunbi????? No but Kwon Eunbi is seriously skinny... she has a slender and pretty body

10. If Kwon Eunbi was working in an office, she would've been treated like the maknae

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