"In the stage greeting, Park Boyoung wore a rabbit headband and had a fox headband in her hand, and a fan gestured that she wanted Park Seojun to wear it, so Park Boyoung offered Park Seojun a headband, and Park Seojun gestured that he had spray in his hair.
And he actually didn't end up wearing it."

Stage greetings are a form of fan service, and actors often do them.

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1. Isn't Park Boyoung a big sunbae of his....? He should've worn that headband

2. Even if he wasn't gonna wear it, can he at least take it and hold it? Why would he humiliate Park Boyoung like that?

3. There are over 1,000 comments on something like thisㅋㅋㅋ

4. What the? Then what does it make the actress who's standing right next to him? I'm humiliated for her

5. Park Boyoung must've felt humiliated. He should've at least received it

6. Ugh... this is a bit.... he's not even taking it, ah... Park Boyoung must've felt a bit embarrassed... but celebrities should really feel thankful that there are fans who would support them no matter what. This isn't easy

7. He has all the rights not to want to wear it but he should've at least taken it himself, put it around his neck or done something... Park Boyoung just kept holding it so it looks a bit...

8. Park Boyoung looked so uneasy...

9. The way she just nodded after he refused it was too much ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ ㅠ But Park Seojun is a fellow actor so does he not know his own system?

10. He should've at least pretended that he wanted to wear it... what an way to embarrass our Bboㅜ

11. Park Boyoung is a sunbae so even if he didn't want to wear it, this is just him lacking manners. Does he think that Park Boyoung is his subordinate or something?

12. Park Boyoung must've felt embarrassed. The way she just nodded was too cute and lovely. Even if he didn't want to wear it, he could've at least held it himself

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