"What should I wear today?

1. They have no interest in clothing 
(They'll get clothes on sale and will wear seasonal clothing in rotation) 

2. For coffee, they drink whatever is in the pantry. Or they'll buy them in packs like KANU coffee or Maxim
(Going to coffee shops is considered luxury for them) 

3. They don't take taxis
(And even if they did, it would be an annual event)

4. They don't overspend on the fly
(Instead, once they have saved enough emergency fund or vacation money, they'll start consumming) 

5. They don't eat a lot of take outs
(Most of them are the type who is satisfied with just getting full. They also don't snack a lot, they'll only buy one or two of them) 

6. They don't buy a ton of things at once 
(They only buy whatever they need) 

"It's dangerous outside the blankets"

7. They don't really make plans
(Usually, they rather stay home)

"Last chance to purchase!"

8. They don't get easily swayed by 2+1 sales or limited quantity sales
(They just don't do any window shopping) 

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1. I don't like travelling either 

2. Aside from #1, it's all me ㅋㅋㅋ

3. I started packing lunch box to work, so my spending was drastically reduced. I order food less than 3 times a month.. The cost of food is really high. But even though I'm stingy, I still fangirl ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't think fangirling is a waste...

4. But wouldn't your social circle shrink way too much...? What's the point of enjoying life if you live like that?

5. This life is impossible for ENFPs 

6. Because of #2, #4 and #5, it's impossible for me...

7. I'm jealous of them..

8. Huh? That's me 

9. I'm everything from #1 to #8, but I fangirl....

10. But once you start earning good money, it's game over...
If you don't earn a lot, you can't even save any money 

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