1. If they simply want come on TV and become famous from there, 
they can simply appear on dating reality programs once and hit big 

(Dex from Single Inferno getting recognized by fans overseas)

2. If they want to do the music they want to do, 
They would never choose to go for male idol music

(Show Me The Money 1st round of audition had over 4000 people, the highest yet)

3. If they want to make a lot of money and become famous among females, 
They can just be a Youtuber instead of going into singing and dancing

4. If they have star factor and want to earn money, they can still protect their private lives and date all they want by becoming Tik Tokers and shooting 30 seconds of short clips 

So for a handsome man, becoming a male idol means: 
- having to dance and sing 
- living with a group of people
- exposure of your private life
- interference from dating
- interference from drinking/smoking
- interference from having an SNS

[Paraphrased] “Even if we hold open auditions, there are too few male applicants.” This is the testimony of a person in charge of new talent development at a large K-pop agency that resumed face-to-face auditions after the pandemic eased. The perceived gender ratio is 9 to 1, and there is only about one male applicant for every nine female applicants. The number of teenage female applicants who envy female idols (NewJEans, IVE, etc.) is high, while the number of male applicants has decreased noticeably. It's not easy to do. There are many channels where you can showcase your talent, such as YouTubers and influencers, so it's not easy to convince them to endure long and hard training to be idols.

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1. There are just no handsome men anymore... 

2. Handsome men are a rarity from the start 

3. There are still people who dream to become idols, these people will still challenge themselves to become one. As for the people who never dreamed to be an idol, they won't even bother trying anymore 

4. I feel like anyways, people listen to more girl group songs than boy groups songs, and when kids look at pretty female idols, we envy them and we also want to fangirl on them. That's why naturally, if girls think that they look fine and that they can spend time to train to become idols, they will take it as a worthwile investment. On the other hand, there are barely any guys who would look at male idols and envy them...?

5. I just feel like male idols are weaker on every aspect. Whether they're the top or the bottom 

6. Even during the TVXQ days, I don't think that male idols were even in their prime time at that time. It's just a fact that handsome men don't exist

7. There are no handsome men to start with, whether you look at actors or dating shows contestants

8. There you are again dragging male idols. It's not like idols is all about their faces either. And not all handsome singers are successful either

9. There are no handsome men, and men aren't talented either...

10. Up until Bigbang and TVXQ, there were still men watching some of these idols' videos, but nowadays, not a single man is interested in any of those male idols out there

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