"Hmm... I want to convey how grateful I am for this"

"Since KPOP isn't my kind of music, I felt like tonight was totally boring."

"But the atmosphere was totally fun and it was nice"

"And because the fireworks were right behind us, I couldn't even see anything"

"We could only hear those "bang" sounds but because there was a roof behind us, we couldn't see anything"

Yup it was boring
But the next day

He said that he had one of the best barbecues he's ever had

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1. Me too if I had to stay 2 hours watching people I didn't know, I'd get f*cking tired and just want to go back to the dorms and sleep... As expected eating is the best

2. As a Korean, I also don't care about KPOP, of course a lot of them would've found it boring 

3. They should've cut down on the guests and just invited the most popular idols overseas and call it a day earlier..

4. In the end, this will just get hate for KPOP, of course, the idols aren't at fault 

5. Of course he'll only have fun if he knew who they were, but it's nice that he got to eat good food

6. But he still talked about it in a positive way... If you don't care about KPOP, of course it'd be boring 

7. I'm just relieved that there was at least some good in it 

8. He suffered

9. Sigh they should've at least be able to watch the fireworks

10. Thank you for coming ㅠㅠ

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