Image picket of 1200 yen from Seventeen's tour merchandise. Joshua's was the only one of 13 pickets not selling out (those are not normally a very popular item)

"A Japanese tweet that is not going back"
"Translation: is this how Joshua sees?"

The general opinion in the Japanese fandom is very harsh

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1. I don't care if he dates or not but if the atmosphere of the concert was bad and the members were side-eyeing him because of his scandal, I seriously won't be able to forgive him

2. They have all the rights to do this. He caused it all so that's just his karma

3. The fans are the ones spending money so they are free to do whatever they want~ They are just hinting at the singer why he's not sellingㅋㅋㅋ

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ deserved

5. To be honest, I feel like the fans who had Shua as a bias wouldn't even go to the pop-up store.... do they even have a reason to buy his goods?? If they go another concert in September, they will be selling the same goods there so...

6. If the Japanese fans went to this extent, they must be really mad

7. This is up to the fans... what "boycott"?

8. Japanese fans are super sensitive to celebrities' dating news

9. Japanese fans are especially sensitive about dating news and this is his own karma so..

10. Who will be willing to open their wallets for him in this situation?

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